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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Saturday by the smoker

So, as promised, here's the lowdown on how I spent this past Saturday.

Both my son and wife were away, so I had the luxury of getting up a little later than usual, and being able to focus on my BBQ without distraction.

It was a brisk morning, with the temperature for the day starting at about 38 degrees! Yep, winter is on its way. But, it was a crystal clear day and both I and my dogs were happy to go outside with a cup of joe (for me, not the dogs) and get the fire started. This is Bo, one of our mutts:

Also out and about on Saturday morning were a host of future pork products! Say hello to our pigs.

Don't they look tasty?

I prepped my boston butt (small pork shoulder) after I got the fire started and put it on the grill. I'm a firm believer that it's a waste of grill space to only have one piece of meat on the grill, so later in the day I added a chicken and one of my last homegrown racks of ribs.

So, throughout the day I tended the fire, did some chores and had a beer or three. Because I got started a bit later than I should have, I ended up finishing my butt in the oven (hence the foil in this picture below) for the last 45 minutes at 350.

To go with the rest of dinner, I whipped up a batch of cornbread. I also took a bag of my wife's baked beans out of the freezer and doctored them to make them into Howlin' Hog BBQ'd beans. The whole meal was well received by the family.

It was a great day. I figure in about two weeks I'm going to tackle a brisket!



Damn that looks good. Care to share your recipe for the baked beans?

Man...That 'que looks so good, even the pigs don't seem to mind.

Can't wait to see the brisket.

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