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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

I have a cow, Dude!

That's right! In a bastardization of those immortal words utterd by Bartholemew Simpson, I have a cow, dude! And the best thing about it? That cow is in my freezer!

Yes folks, that's right. I now have a freezer packed with beef! Farmer Girl was given a grumpy old dairy cow this summer. She opted to graze our "practice cow" for the summer to better understand how to handle cows and their grazing habits/needs. At the end of September though, our practice cow's time had come.

Given that she was old (5 years) by the standards of beef, we had told our butcher that we wanted hamburger and stew meat. With some hope, but little expectation, I had added that if he found any good looking steaks on her to cut them for me. When we picked up the 500+lbs. of meat, passed a couple boxes on to her previous owner, we took it home and tried to make room for her in our freezers. As I was packing the stuff away, imagine my thrill when I realized that I not only got a couple of good steaks - but an entire BOX of steaks!

Yes, I've got porterhouse, t-bones, strip steaks, tenderloins, flank steaks and more! Yee Haw! Now our freezers have the three main food groups in them! Pork, Poultry and Beef!

It's been a busy few weeks, and I haven't had the time to properly barbecue anything as of late. But, the end of our weekend commitments is two weeks away. At that point, I think I'll celebrate by ordering a big old brisket or pork shoulder and making sure it's ready to eat just in time for football!

Until then, keep smokin!


Damn! Sounds like a great freezer. I hope you got the brisket in one piece.

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