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Monday, October 17, 2005 

The Wedding!

Just a quick post, because I'm knee deep in a 6 week mass of commitments and work!

Happy marriage wishes to Yomper and his new Bride!

The wedding was held at the St. Divots Golf and Sledding Club - a club formed by The Old Bull (Farmer Girl's uncle) and family. The weather was positively soaking, but what a wonderful time!

As Best Man, I was occupied with getting the groom organized and handling some of the music details. Farmer Girl was in hardcore Maid of Honor mode and helped keep the food coming out of the kitchen and the guests happy!

When Yomper called and asked if we thought Old Bull and Mame would host this auspicious event, I figured they'd be delighted and wasn't wrong. And, I also knew that the Old Bull could put up a mean smoked prime rib!

The bride asked that there be a baked potato bar and salad bar along with the main meat!

It was a fantastic meal with great people. And of course, there was the whole wedding ceremony thrown in for good measure. I don't think I've every seen such a giddy bride in my life. It seems she just loves the Yomperguy! I tried to talk her out of it over and over, but she just wouldn't listen! :-)

Bye for a bit,