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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Old Cherry

My family and I spent last weekend at my Father-in-law's Girlfriend's place (I'll call her History Lady). It was a VERY relaxing weekend, and we had some fun with heavy equipment!

My father-in-law has recently discovered the joys of owning a tractor, and as part of his new forestry managment efforts on History Lady's property he bought a hydraulic wood splitter.

On Sunday morning we did some trimming. Included in the trees we took down was an old Cherry tree. I use cherry as my primary flavor wood to go with my Wicked Good Charcoal. So, we dropped the tree, bucked it up into small log lengths and split it. Then we took a bucket load to my Toyota Corolla and filled the trunk!

More cherry is a good thing. But, Some of this tree was pretty rotten. I'm curious as to what the potential effects of using punky wood to somke might be on flavor. If any readers have thoughts, please post a comment accordingly.

I want a wood splitter and a tractor!


Don't do it! At least I wouldn't do it.

If you want to try the punky wood - try buring it without any meat in the cooker. Smell it and see what you think.

If you think that the smoke without any meat smells OK, put some plain pillsubry biskets in the cooker - let them cook and then taste them. You'll get the flavor of the smoke.

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