Thursday, February 08, 2007 

Where art thou o barbecue?

As ya'll can tell, things in the land of Howling Hogs have been a bit slow lately. The holidays, the family events and a few bouts of a flu-like virus have kept this pitmaster away from his pit. And, to be honest, the drop in temperature has made the idea of cooking out doors unappealing. I had three racks of ribs waiting for the smoker on Superbowl sunday and they never got touched. I couldn't bring myself to go through the routine after a week of being out sick.

But, the stores of barbecue in my freezer have run out and the thought of loading up my BWS with pounds of pork and beef is starting to make my heart quicken. Every time I open my wood stove and get a whiff of something like cherry or oak, I get a far away look in my eyes and dream of brisket and pork shoulder.

So, fear not dear readers - there will be que. My son's birthday is next friday, and we're planning the usual family "come spoil our child" party. All of the grandparents and some cousins and aunts and uncles will be descending on our house on the 17th and they expect to be served some barbecue. And, of course, it's been requested by the junior member of the team. After all it's his birthday!

On the 16th, I'll be filling the smoker with pork shoulder and brisket. Not sure how much yet, but a bunch. On the 17th, I'll do it again, cooking some old chickens from the freezer and those three racks of ribs. So, you can count on seeing more of me in the next week.

Until then, don't let the snow cover your grill.