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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 

Thank You

My final post related to Harpoon is a word of thanks. As you all know, this was a tough year for us financially and it was difficult for us to afford even one competition and all the practice it took to find success. So, I want to formally say thanks to the following folks who helped us out with donations of money and/or stuff that helped us do what we do.

  • Rob Hurley & Tara Race (Gold star supporters!)
  • Dylan Wolters (Gold star supporter)
  • Rhonda Barr & Tracy Wolters
  • Sandy Sargent & Mary Lou Hofmann
  • Jesse Sargent
  • Pete & Mellissa Fellows
  • Kevin & Sarah Brennan
  • Peter & Theresa Gregory
  • Greg Henry
  • Ken Colby
  • John & Ardith Ruvidich
  • Rebecca and Tim Haskell
  • Jim & Maggie Francoeur
  • Peter Merriman & Suzanne Santarcangelo

I fear I may have forgotten someone on this list and if so I apologize. Last season I kept better notes. But know that given the crappy economy and that most of us are feeling the pinch from it, we appreciate whatever you offered our team that much more. We couldn't have done this all without you!