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Monday, October 17, 2005 

Bachelor Party!

Two Weeks ago, I had the pleasure of playing host for my friend Yomper's (who never updates his blog) bachelor party. It was a small affair, with just a close group of friends getting together, eating some good food, smoking some celebratory cigars and playing cards. And, of course, doing everything we could to insult the groom-to-be!

I imposed a "must wear a silly hat" rule upon the guests. They were all required to bring them, with the noted exception of the groom-to-be. I bought him his hat, and if you ask me, it looks quite fetching!

Aside from some gifts with amusing sexual overtones (such as the hat above), and a few decks of bawdy playing cards, we avoided the obligatory strippers and such. We are, as always, on a budget. And, of course, I'd rather pump money into a good meal!

For dinner I went "manly". I cooked up a bunch of NY Strip steaks with my East Valley Steak Seasoning - They were fan-freakin'tastic!

In addition, I boiled up some corn on the cob and made some of my popular seasoned potatoes (made with my own Seasoned Salt). For dessert, I pulled one of my favorite recipes out of Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby's Thrill of the Grill - Chocolate Pudding Cake! Capped with a strong cup of coffee, the meal was a resounding success!

Afterwards, there was poker, and consumption of large quantities of quality hard alcohol!

Since virtually everyone who attended the party slept at my place, I made eggs and a Strip Steak hash with onions, leftover potatoes and leftover steak. It was well received!

A good time was had by all!



The party was great, and I had a fantastic time. Since this is the BBQ blog, let me comment about the food.

The food was awesome! The Mule is aware of my affection for spices and the steaks were tastily seasoned, as well as being tender and juicy. I was surprised at the cake (also excellent), as desserts are mostly Farmer Girl's area. The biggest surprise, food-wise, was the sheep. No! I mean the hash! The hash was delicious. I'd never eaten hash before, because it's never appealed to me, but when the Mule said to me, "It's chopped up steak and potatoes with a little onion," that sounded pretty good to me. I've never gravitated toward steak for breakfast (too heavy, squanders an opportunity to eat bacon), but I could eat my weight in that hash! If you ever feel the desire to make it again, I'm like 20 minutes away.

"He wants the hash!!"

Good to know about your experience as a host. I am also planning to host my friend’s bachelorette party at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. Had already taken amazing ideas from internet. Just need to implement them on the day.

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