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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Game on #2

I stopped at the butcher's yesterday to pick up my brisket. I talked to the head butcher and just for giggles I asked him if he might actually have a pork shoulder in stock. It had been my intention from the start to do a shoulder, the brisket was a backup plan. As it turns out, he DID in fact have a pork shoulder. So, since I didn't have the cash for two massive hunks o' meat, I've decided to go the pork shoulder route!

I have a night meeting tonight (yes, I know, it's a friday and a freakin' holiday, but I have to work), so I won't be able to tend to the meat until late. But, I'm going to get it thawed and prepped up for an 8:00am start tomorrow morning!

There'll be a few projects around the house, some beer drinking, and a fire to be tended to! I'm looking forward to it.

I'll give you all a report on monday!

Have a great weekend,