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Monday, October 27, 2008 

Sunday With Family

As you've no doubt noticed, there was no "Friday Food Porn" this week. Truth is, I didn't cook. Instead, I spent the evening with friends and let them fleece me out of nearly twenty dollars at poker. But, I did get a darned good meal out of it - the wings and burgers were great!

This Sunday, though, I did take some time to throw some meat on a grill. My mother and step-father came down from up north to return the child we had loaned them for the weekend. In return for them driving all the way to our place, we cooked them a nice Sunday afternoon meal.

Not wanting to waste space, I threw two of our chickens and an odd little pork roast on the Weber and smoked it up with some wicked good lump and cherry chunks! Mmmmm!

your hosts for the evening were not left with any of y'all's money . . . ;-}

but it was a lovely evening and the wing thing will be explored further


You weren't the only "friends" there! In fact, the one with my money rode home with me.


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