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Saturday, October 18, 2008 

Saturday AM Quickie

I just want to say that leftovers rock. Particularly, when said leftovers are grilled rib-eye steaks! I'm on my own for breakfast on Saturday mornings because Farmer Girl and the Boy are at Karate class. This morning I cut up the leftover rib eye from last night, sauteed it up with a small onion and a green pepper (from our garden!). I had the intention of making an omelet with the mixture, but laziness (and the need to get to work) took over and I just mad an egg scramble with it.

Rib-eye, pepper, onion, egg scramble with Dizzy Pig Rub!

I topped it off with Cabot Sharp Cheddar cheese and a dash or three of Dizzy Pig's "Raising the Steaks" rub. Mmmmmmmm. Good breakfast.