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Friday, July 11, 2008 

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

I just wanted to take a brief interlude from barbecue talk to celebrate one of the most important things in my life.

On July 6th, Farmer Girl and I welcomed our 17th year of marriage. It's been a wonderful 17 years with all of the ups and downs a good marriage is supposed to have. Throughout it all, we've been here for each other.

Sweet sixteen and smitten with her.

So, here's to you Farmer Girl, my love! You're my best friend and partner for life. May there be many, many more years ahead of us!

Now back to the barbecue...

Congratulations... in this day and age that is an accomplishment. May you have many many many great years ahead. Eric

Oh dear God! You guys ROCK!!!!!!! And Chris, you look JUST like Connor! Congrats my friends, you deserve this beautiful life

could you guys BE any more cute? I don't think so.

Nice Chris 'n Jenn!!

I was looking at that pic, thinking you guys have not changed a bit... then i realized it was takin back in '86... when did i see you guys last... '89?
Been too long, i was hoping to suRprise (Note...Jim Neighbor's Gomer accent for effect) you guys at a BBQ event, but i guess i missed again

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