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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 


This coming weekend I'll be barbecuing again!

This particular cook has been on my calendar for a while, because I'm bringing ribs to Muleskinner's NFL Conference Championship party. The best football games of the year have been the focus of this annual party for a number of years now, and it brings out some positively fantastic food.

In addition to the ribs, I realized last night that I'm (gasp!) out of pulled pork. So, I put in a call to a local store near where I work and have two Boston butts en route to me for pick up on Friday. Late Saturday afternoon or evening, I'll spark up the pit and begin the long process of cooking my butts. The ribs will join the butts in the morning on Sunday and will be ready and raring for the party that afternoon!

Expect a post about my continuing adventures some time next week. Until then, keep smoking!