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Friday, January 11, 2008 

What's Cookin' This Weekend?

The stars are aligning for me to have time to do some practice cooking this weekend. Sunday appears to be an open day and with my TV being off at the moment (they want to get paid for it?) I can't watch football, so what am I to do?


I've got two pork shoulders waiting for me at a store near where I work. As an aside, this will be an interesting test because I've had some issues in the past with my current butcher and this store has the potential to be my primary meat source. I started getting my ribs through them after my butcher hosed me hard with ribs that were an embarrassment to sell.

I also have a whole chicken and a number of ribs in the freezer, so I suspect that Sunday will be an early morning with me popping two pork shoulders, a chicken and four racks of St. Louis-style ribs into the BWS.

I wasn't too happy with my last batch of shoulders, so I intend to spend a bit more time working on them throughout the day. As much time as I've spent trying to make my ribs top notch, I absolutely must not neglect the big meats. I don't want my scores in brisket and pork shoulder to take a hit because the shoulder in particular has been (at the very least) consistent (14th-12th place). I'll probably use up the last of my brine on the shoulders.

In addition to blogging about my Sunday, I've got another recipe to show off - beef brisket soup!

Until this weekend...