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Friday, August 03, 2007 

Happy birthday to me

On this day, 37 years ago, a barbecue enthusiast was born. I'm celebrating my day by preparing for our annual birthday bash. Farmer Girl and I have been cleaning the home after weeks of neglect due to barbecue competitions and the like. And what else does a man who loves barbecue do on his birthday? Why, cook some meat, of course!

In the smoker I have two little pork shoulders and two briskets for tomorrow's party. I threw in a rack of beef ribs also (to make beef stock) and two dozen eggs. Later on today, I'll put a chicken in for dinner and perhaps something else.

The new pit layout. I added a folding table next to the BWS for prep.

So far, it's been a great day. One of my brothers is on vacation from his teaching job in Japan. It's mighty nice to see the guy. I've reorganized my pits and the area around where I cook, plus I cut and stacked a bunch of the cherry tree that was dropped off at my house in large logs about a month ago.

August 3rd. It's a good day to have been born.

Peace to you all,


Happy Birthday! (belated though it is).
Question: Did I understand that you put EGGS in the smoker? Never heard of that, but I'm a newbie, and here in Ontario, Canada, we don't have a smoking tradition, so, if you could explain, I'd appreciate learning.


Happy Birthday to you... and Happy Birthday to me! Mine was Aug. 4th and had some wonderful bbq steaks, and some smoked poppers wrapped with bacon... MmmmmMmmmMMmmmm. I've had smoked eggs before and they are the best deviled eggs ever! Had I thought to look the how too up earlier, I would have had those too. Thanks for your help!

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