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Wednesday, June 27, 2007 

Trials and Tribulations

We're getting ready for the Lake Placid competition this weekend and we just passed our first hurdle. The truck that Farmer Girl and I were planning to borrow for our gear fell through due to concerns about the insurance. It was nice of Grampy (Farmer Girl's father) to loan it to us this past weekend, but we don't want to risk any insurance issues if we got into an accident.

So, the solution was to drop the $$ to have a trailer hitch put on my Toyota Camry and rent a U-Haul trailer to the tune of about $400. Fortunately, we've had some folks donate money to support our barbecue habit, which will just about cover the cost of the installation and rental.

Although the surprise outlay of cash was hard to handle, in the end it's a good thing. I needed a trailer hitch for other purposes and it appears that Grampy's girlfriend, History Girl, has an old trailer on her property that she's willing to donate to our cause. Grampy seems to think we can get it fixed up before Harpoon, which means that we'll finally have our own transportation!

Yay! Thanks to Grampy and History Girl for helping us out with that, and to the other folks who've donated to our team.