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Thursday, January 04, 2007 

What a slacker, eh?

Where the heck have I been? Why haven't I posted anything recently? Have I forsaken the fabulous art of barbecue?

Well, if you're asking these questions, the answer is:

2.Because I'm a slacker.
3.Don't talk crazy.

With the rush to get work finalized be for vacation, and the usual chaos before Christmas I never made time for my fair readers. Sorry about that! But, let me assure you that there has been barbecue. (apologies for the lack of pictures)

In fact, two days before Christmas, I cooked the largest quantity of meat I've ever cooked at one time. I cooked up four pork shoulders and two briskets at the same time! I sure do love my Backwoods Smoker.

For New Year's eve, I threw in three small chickens and four racks of St. Louis-style ribs.

The food and family during vacation was at its best, making this one of the finest holidays I can remember in quite a while. I hope everyone can say the same.

Peace, love and barbecue to everyone!

Keep smokin'