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Friday, October 13, 2006 

Weekend Barbecue!

As much as the New England barbecue season will be winding down, I won't stop barbecuing. In fact, it's highly likely that I'll be outside in January trying to get the ice of my BBQ guru fan!

This weekend, though, there should be no ice or snow in our future (we don't live in Buffalo!). Instead, there'll be the sweet smell of cherry, beef and pork. My supply of smoked meat has been running low, so I'm taking some time this weekend to fill the freezer up again. I'll be cooking two briskets and two pork shoulders overnight on Saturday. It's good for me to run my pit at night to keep in shape for the competition season next summer.

In addition to the shoulders and the briskets, I'll probably try to squeeze a chicken or two into the Backwoods smoker. And some eggs. And possibly one of my dogs. And my old cat. No, the cat's too old and would probably be tough. Plus, he might eat the chicken. Ok, ok, there's no cat or dog being barbecued, but nevertheless - My rule of thumb is "don't waste grill space".

My only regret is that I ran out of Wicked Good Charcoal a while ago and haven't had the opportunity to order any. So, I'm stuck with two bags of another brand which I feel is very sub par. I'll have to make due with it though, and hopefully I can order some from Lee Ann in Maine soone enough.

The weather is going to be pretty decent this weekend, so I'll be sure to take pictures.

Enjoy the fall!


(no cats or dogs were harmed in the writing of this message.)

Are u in the Boston area as i share your views bbq. Just move up from the New Orleans.

Thanks Mark


No, I'm in located in Central Vermont. But there's a pretty fair number of serious barbecuers in Mass. Check out www.nebs.org, the New England Barbecue Society. If you're coming up to Vermont for a vacation day, let me know!


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