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Thursday, June 22, 2006 

Father's Day BBQ

Hi Folks,

Just a short, boring, pictureless blurb. I hosted the second of an annual tradition this past Sunday - the Father's Day Barbecue!

Unlike many of you who only have one, perhaps two father-type figures in your life, I'm blessed with bunches. I have the good old hereditary father, a step-father, a father-in-law and a bunch of uncles who I bond with. I'm a lucky guy.

Knowing how lucky I am to have so many father figures that I cherish and enjoy, I figured that there's no better way to say "thanks for being part of my life" than a big, fat, barbecue!

So, after I got home from a gig on Saturday night, I sparked up my new baby (see post below) and put on nearly 22# of meat. A beef brisket and a pork shoulder were the meats of the day.

The timing of things forced me to speed up the last two hours of cooking by transferring my meat, foil wrapped, into the oven, but it all came out swimmingly. Alas, I had left my camera at work, so I've got no tasty pictures to show y'all.

But I can assure you - the food was spectacular. Kudos to Farmer Girl for the deviled eggs, baked beans and corn bread. And to our roommate’s mom for the excellent potato salad.

I hope everyone had as great a father's day as I did. Next up for me is some sort of father's day celebration my wife and son want to give me. I'm hogging all their fun with this barbecue, so they're going to do something for me this Sunday as a make-up for not getting to do anything for me on the actual holiday. Truth be told though, just having my family there and getting help from my wife was gift enough!



Sounds like good stuff-- and a belated happy father's day to you!

Glad to hear you having fun w/ the Backwoods-- what's going in there for the 4th?

Have a great holiday!

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