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Monday, May 22, 2006 

BBQ by the light of the Firefly

We held our very first "Themed" party this weekend. Ordinarily, we just have parties that center around eating food and hanging out. But my wife and I are a pair of robust geeks and when we find something we like, we do like to celebrate it.

Enter the short lived sci-fi-western-drama "Firefly". This show, given an early death sentence by the brilliant minds at FOX was the third series from writer/producer/director mastermind Joss Whedon. My wife's family introduced us to the Joss Whedon verse about a year ago. We've been through all of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" series and just loved them. But "Firefly" is what really won my heart. The show has humor, action, drama and deep, well written characters. Once you start watching it, it's hard to stop.

So we invited about 10 friends and family who were all fans of "Firefly" to come to our place on Saturday and have a "Firefly Shindig" with us. There was "firefly jeopardy", some costumes and themed food. The back-story for "Firefly" mixes American and Chinese cultures, so we asked everyone to bring food from either culture. As always, we were not disappointed by our guests!

I smoked an 11lb. pork shoulder and an 8lb turkey as my part of the food. I managed to whip up a fantastic mustard sauce for the pork (I'm a fan of the Carolina mustard sauce) that I think I can replicate. I pulled the turkey and served it in Big Bob Gibson's white sauce. Farmer Girl did up a bunch of deviled eggs in three styles - regular, wasabi ginger and chipoltle. Others brought a couple of Chinese pasta dishes and The Old Bull made fried wontons.

The weather has been pretty darned funky lately, so we set up our 12'X12' tent in front of our garage, put two sidewalls up and arranged my camp kitchen and another folding table with a gas stove on it for cooking. In the garage, we used a computer projector, projector screen, laptop and a small surround sound setup to create a "movie theatre" feel. Everyone gorged themselves on good food and drink, we played a bit o' jeopardy and voted on our favorite episodes. We didn't make it through the whole list because it was getting late and cold, but it was quite a good time.

I'm sure we'll do it again.



So which one was your favorite episode? I'd vote for 'Out of Gas' with 'Jaynestown' a close second.


Dang! I don't know why the heck we didn't think to invite YOU! Sorry about that. I assure you that we won't make the same oversight next time.

I'm all about "Out of Gas". It's on the 3rd DVD of the Firefly boxed set, and everything else on there ("War Stories","Trash" & "Ariel") are my favorites. Of course, there are others, "Jaynestown" being one of them. The only lousy one is the third one on the first disc. I can never even remember what it's called.


Sorry, I don't know the show.

But where are the pics of the food and the outdoor kitchen?

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