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Monday, May 08, 2006 

More Eggs

This weekend was a busy one! From Friday evening through Saturday evening I was able to indulge in some of my more geeky passions (poker, wargaming, tabletop gaming), so there was no time for the slow and low cookfest I had last week.

But, one of the joys at having a number of hours of practice under my belt is that I can now set my grill up and virtually walk away from it for three to four hours and will keep on a nice even burn. It allows me to do projects and still cook. So, while putting up fence around my garden area, I cooked the following:

  • a 4lb chicken

  • 16 eggs

  • a small pork loin roast

  • meatloaf

  • I cooked this eclectic collection of foods so we'd have some already cooked meats for lunches and dinner this week. The meatloaf was last night's dinner and it was great! If you haven't tried cooking meatloaf on your smoker, you've got to. It takes the traditional dish up to a higher plane.

    The key to smoking meatloaf, no matter what you put in it, is that you start it on your smoker in either a loaf pan, or on a small sheet pan. Thus far, I've used loaf pans, but I suspect a sheet pan might allow for the meat to have a better smoke flavor if its sides aren't covered (as they are in a loaf pan). Once the meatloaf has cooked enough to hold its form, you take it out of the pan or off the sheet and put it directly on the grill and continue to smoke it. This ensures that all areas of the meat get smoked.

    That's it for this weekend's activity.



    I added your Link to the New England Barbecue Society website.
    Good luck at Harpoon this year.

    I Smell Smoke !!!

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