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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Wildcard Weekend BBQ

Well, the NFL's wildcard weekend has passed, and while the football wasn't that great - (yes, I figured the pats would win, but by that much? And what the HELL happened to the Giants?) - I had a great day making food on Saturday.

I had been planning to work, but opted to put it off in favor of enjoying a day in the kitchen and, of course, by the grill.

A few months ago, I hit my butcher during a sale on pork ribs so I bought a bunch and tossed them into the freezer. I pulled a rack out on Saturday. Knowing that I'm the only one in my house who digs ribs, I also pulled two chickens out of the freezer.

I cooked rubbed my rack o' ribs with my Triple Chile Rub, which is a nice, red rub with good spice, some sweet and just a hint of hot. For the chickens, I butchered them up into thighs, legs and breasts. For something new to try with the chicken, I made Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce, a mayo based vineagar sauce. I took the recipe out of Mike Mills "Peace Love and BBQ" which I would recommend to anyone interested in Cue!

I'm currently out of Wicked Good Charcoal and haven't had the cash to stock up again. So I used some of the "gourmet lump charcoal" that I can get locally. It's not that great, but I offset the charcoal with a fair amount of cherry.

Here's what the final project looked like:

The ribs came out fantastically! Had I brushed them with a nice, sweet red sauce they would have been perfect. As you can see from the picture, they fell apart when I took them off the grill. No tough ribs here.

The chicken wasn't done the way I'd like it, but with the white sauce it was still quite good. And today I ate a chicken salad sandwich for lunch that was made with the stuff and it rocked!

There's more football this weekend, although I'm down to the bottom of my charcoal supply. I suspect I'll figure something out!



Food looks great. Tell me about this white sauce.

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