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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 


This weekend Team Howling Hog will be competing in our second competition of the '06 barbecue season. The NH State Barbecue Championships are taking place in Warren, NH.

We'll be making our way there on Friday and competing at the event on Saturday. This looks to be a much lower key event than the Harpoon Championships. As much as a blast as Harpoon is, the three days of cooking and vending make it a marathon event. Hogstock, on the other hand, will only be the two days and there are fewer teams. Harpoon has 41 teams, Hogstock tops out at 18. There's also no vending at Hogstock as all event proceeds go to benefit the Warren Fire Department.

So, the prep begins. The Old Bull and I have worked on our weaker points - his new recipe for ribs is stellar and I'm hoping to see some improvement in my pork shoulder as well. The chicken and brisket formulas seem to be solid, so I'm not going to change anything.

We're really looking forward to seeing how we stack up to a smaller clutch of teams. I'll report back this weekend with pictures and the results!



Good luck man! Kick some ass!

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