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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 

Wow! Go New England Barbecue!

I just happened to be on the Wicked Good Charcoal site pricing out a future purchase of charcoal, and saw that two of our fine New England Barbecue teams have placed very well at the American Royal competition.

The Royal is a HUGE event, with two contests, an invitational and an open.

A round of applause should go to the Harpoon team, IQUE for their 4th overall placement at the invitational - which had a total of 87 teams! Team I Smell Smoke also placed well at 15th.

In the Open, the I Smell Smoke folks took 4th overall out of a field of - get this - 486 teams!

Congratulations to two of New England's finest teams! Way to show those Southerners that we know what we're doing up here!


Yeah! Go New England!

The south better covering their backside, cuz there's some smoke burnin' in the Northeast, too...

& Lord knows we gotta more to dig through to get it right than they do in the land of Pecan wood.

Congrats guys
Old Bull

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