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Tuesday, April 24, 2007 

And so it begins

The new barbecue season is upon us. Team Howling Hog was finally able to get our schedules to mesh, and we held a team meeting over grilled flank steak and grilled sweet potatoes.

This season we're ramping up our participation in the events in our region. We'll be competing in a total of six events at three locations, provided we can still get into the events at this point. The events we'll be at are:

Event: Rockin' Rib Fest - N.H. State Barbecue Championships in Merrimack, NH
Dates: The event takes place on June 23 and 24.
Competition: 6/23 - NEBS Grilling competition, 6/24 - NEBS barbecue competition

Event: I Love Barbecue Festival in Lake Placid, NY
Dates: The event takes place on June 29-July 1..
Competition: 6/29 - NEBS Midnight Grilling Competition, 7/1 - NEBS barbecue competition

Event: Harpoon Championships of New England Barbecue in Windsor, VT
Dates: The event takes place on July 28th-29th.
Competition: 7/28 - NEBS barbecue competition, 7/29 - NEBS grilling competition

We're looking forward to an exciting new barbecue season and several new events. In the next couple of weeks, there'll be more information posted here at our new site, including an opportunity for the Howling Hog faithful to become sponsors of their favorite barbecue team. Competitive barbecue isn't cheap, and we aren't rich, so we're trying to find ways that we can help subsidize our competitive barbecue addiction. More to come on that.

Until my next post, be well and always cook with fire.


Oooh...the Rockin' Rib Fest sounds very exciting.

As for raising the funds for competition, you can try your luck selling Cafe Press stuff. It's a pretty easy (and free! Free is good) way to raise some cash, assuming you have a stock of people willing to buy your merchandise (and who wouldn't want a pair of Howling Hog BBQ panties?)

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