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Sunday, July 08, 2007 

Best. Ribs. Ever.

In my last post, I mentioned a plethora of other treats that were going on my smoker. From that good stuff I made chipoltle smoked deviled eggs and atomic buffalo turds. I also used the time to practice working on the bane of my existence - ribs.

Using feedback from veteran cookers like Billy Bones and Phatboy, I stepped back and tried to simplify my method. I did two racks slightly differently, both with rubs and spritzing with juice, but a few other variations among them. One of the key tips I got from the comments was the internal temp of a pefectly done rib - 185 degrees. I've never taken the time to check the temp of my ribs with a thermometer. I'm sure glad I did this time.

Sexy color, eh?

The first rack out was done perfectly. The meat didn't fall off the bone, but neither did it resist when bitten. As I understand it, this is exactly what the KCBS judges are looking for. The taste was excellent, although to my way of thinking they were a tad sweet. I will probably use a more salty rub in the future. Regardless of that criticism, these were without a doubt my

best. ribs. ever.

Now if only the KCBS judges would think the same thing.


do those look terrific - should show progress in Windsor.

But I wanted to publicly thank the Howling Hogs for coming Saturday Night and I wanted to let readers know the Chipolte Eggs and the Atomic Buffalo were better than advertised!

The best part for us is having you guys over to enjoy some downtime for yourselves.

Mr/Ms Muleskinner

Those ribs look great. I wish I was there to have some.

Now for the judge's eye.

Color looks very nice. Except for the first rib which is a bit burnt on the end.

Maybe some more bone should be exposed showing where the meat pulled back.

Sauce is a little thick for what judges normally get. I like it sauced heavy, but that's just me.

I'd give them an 8.

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