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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 

Conference Championship Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, in fact, I wound up being too busy to take the time for cooking brisket and pork shoulder. The four big hunks of meat are now waiting for me to pull them from the freezer at a later date.

The tempo of the weekend did not interfere with my prep for Muleskinner's conference championship party. Five racks of ribs spent about five hours in my pit before we left home. Between the two games I pulled them out of the hot box and finished them on his Weber, getting a nice, finished glaze on them. They were very well received.

I just adore getting together with friends. I have, entirely by accident, surrounded myself with other foodees. In addition to Muleskinner and his lovely wife Ms. T, we were joined by other friends and the Duxbury half of Howling Hog Barbecue, so the food was copious and top notch. Muleskinner smoked a chicken and let it sit in Big Bob Gibson's white sauce for 11 hours prior to eating. The Mamer brought down a hearty spicy chili. There were salads and sandwiches and desserts! Oh My!

It was a great feast. Plus, there were a couple of football games on, too. I was rooting for old man Farve and the storied Packers, but the Giants played a solid game. Only Chargers fans were kidding themselves if they thought New England was going to lose that game. Being a Jets fan, I had no team to root for, so I was planning on taking the Pack in the event that they made it past the Giants. Now, though, my choice is clear. I'm rooting for the Pats to make some football history. 19-0 would be pretty darned impressive. After that, it's time for someone else (like the Jets, for example) to have a chance!

This coming weekend looks to be without any barbecuing. We've got company coming on Saturday and we're going to see "Back Door Slam" in concert on Sunday night. I think I'll do the big meats the weekend of the Superbowl.

Until then - keep on smoking.


BlogDude - fyi -
Your ribs were still being highly praised when some of the fellas came to Poker Wed Night - the last 4 or so made a tasty lunch for work too - they are really coming along nicely - M'skinner

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