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Tuesday, January 29, 2008 

Superbowl Que

There's really no way an American can avoid the knowledge that this weekend is Superbowl weekend. Every news source in the USA is spewing predictions about Tom Brady's ankle and the Giants underdog status.

At the same time, many of us are planning their food list for Superbowl Sunday. I, too, am among this crowd. Unlike last weekend, this coming weekend is relatively un-planned. In my freezer are the two briskets and two pork shoulders I bought a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday AM, I'm planning on cooking them up, although they're to be used at a later date.

I've been batting around ideas for a meal theme with Mr. Muleskinner. We've decided that we like the idea of a meal made of mostly appetizers.

For Sunday, I'm going to do up the following:

  • Atomic Buffalo Turds (commonly known as ABT's). As crude as the name is, this is a rockin' finger food. ABT's consist of JalapeƱos stuffed with goat cheese (and possibly pulled pork), wrapped in bacon and smoked.
  • Smoked Chipoltle Deviled Eggs. While I'm cooking the big meats, I'll throw a dozen or so eggs on the top shelf and smoke them. Once they're cooked through, we'll make them into deviled eggs. Instead of mustard and mayo though, I mix in chipotle peppers and hot sauce with may and pipe that into the halved eggs.
  • Something else. I'm not sure what else I want to do. Marinated steak tips come to mind. Or perhaps some sort of shrimpy thing for those who eat shrimp.
In addition, I'll likely have some smoked almonds added to the mix.

This will be a fun weekend. I have to work much of Saturday, but I can do it from home and will be able to tend my pit while doing work. I intend to pay far better attention to what I'm doing than I did last weekend!

After all that cooking and eating, I understand that there'll be a football game. My team of choice, the New York Jets, had no chance of seeing a superbowl this season. And my adopted NFC team, the Packers were bumped out by the Giants. So, my choice at this point is clear. I'm rooting for history to be made.

Go PATS! 19-0!