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Monday, May 16, 2005 

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm gearing up for a lot of practice Queing prior to the Harpoon fest. This weekend I did up a small rack of pork ribs from one of our sows, and a 9lb. chicken. Check it out:

I rarely cook ribs, so I have to admit that I'm a little shakey on them. They came out a touch overdone, but tasted great. I also came up with a new BBQ sauce for them which, with a little refinement, will be contest worthy. The chicken should have been pulled out a little earlier, but it was still quite good. I brined it for a few hours which I think kept it from being too dry. I think the color on everything is good.

Next Sunday I'm having the Brewer and his Wife up for an afternoon Que in celebration of his birthday. He's a huge fan of the stuff and, of course, will bring the beer. I've ordered a pork shoulder and a brisket. I think the shoulder will get done on Sunday, along with some chicken thighs.

Man this practice is hard work! :-)