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Saturday, May 14, 2005 

Preparing for the Competition

I've been doing my best to get prepared for the Harpoon Championship of New England BBQ. I've already made a few equipment and supply purchases.

I just received a pair of Maverick ET-73 "remote smoker" thermometers. These units have two sensors, one for your meat and one for the chamber. But the biggest detail about them is the ability to set a temperature range. In general, smoking is done around 225 degrees. I can set the ET-73 to sound an alarm if the chamber temp gets to low OR too high! Pretty cool. I can't wait to test them out on a chicken and ribs this weekend.

I got the recommendation for this particular thermometer model from the American Barbeque News Forums (note the link to the right). I cannot tell you how beneficial these forums have been. They’re free, so all you need to do is register. On these forums you’ll find a great group of Que’ers from beginner to hardcore pro. I’ve been able to ask a number of questions with regard to competing and have gotten some excellent responses and a lot of good advice. If you’re into cooking Que and want advice – go to the forums.