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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

It's official!

It's official! I've registered team Howling Hog BBQ to compete in the Harpoon Championship of New England Barbeque!

This officially sanctioned KCBS competition will mark my first foray in the world of competitive Que. I'm incredibly excited about it. I've organized an great team of talented people to help me out. Although I refrain from putting real names on my blogs out of respect for my friends, these are my teammates by apropriate nickname:

    The Old Bull - my BBQ mentor who cooks the best ribs I've ever had. He's the only one I know who can que like I do. I'll rely on him to help me keep the pits up to temp and the meats cooking slow!

    Farmer Girl - my wife, the master event organizer, farmer and fantastic cook. Farmer girl will be handling our customers (we're vending, too), helping me come up with the meals we'll sell and doing the baked beans.

    Chef J. - a veteran of 30 years of cooking, from line cook to head chef. I'll rely on Chef J most when it comes time to present our products to the judges. His eye for presentation will go a long way toward helping us win!

    The Brewer - A master at brewing beer, the Brewer will be an enthusiastic participant who'll do whatever needs to be done to help us win!

This is a great group of friends and family, here. I look forward to this experience being fun, a learning experience, and a great opportunity to get to know others who are doing the same thing. And we might just win something!