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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

Humble Beginnings (pt. 2)

My interest in BBQ began with a cookbook by Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby aptly titled "The Thrill of the Grill". My father introduced me to the book and was good enough to give me a copy. Since then, my favorite place to cook has always been at a grill.

I started grilling on a small Webber grill, which I still own and still use. I dabbled in West Indies spiced chicken, steaks and burgers. But the big meats, such as pork shoulder and brisket, were out of reach simply because I couldn't get the heat far enough away to cook them properly.

I learned about the "indirect" method of cooking from my wife's uncle, the Old Bull. He has been at it longer than I have and can make a smoked prime rib that is to die for. One of the most carnivorous experiences I ever had involved the Old Bull and a rack of pork ribs that we devoured in minutes. It was bliss.

In 2000, when I received my master's degree, my family chipped in and bought me an inexpensive smoker grill from Home Depot. My "Silver Smoker" opened the door to the joy of cooking "low and slow" as the Thrill of the Grill authors put it. Since I got the pit, I've learned how to make some mean pulled pork and a pretty good beef brisket. I've learned more about cooking with wood than I ever thought possible, and I've found some incredible resources on the internet, which I'll pass on to you as I have time.


Greate post about how you started. Sounds like you've been pulled into the dark side of BBQ. Once it's in your blood, there's no escape.

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